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Soft Light. ➜ illest
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The Tiny Rock Restaurant in the Sea

At beautiful Michanwi Pingwe Beach on Zanzibar’s coast in Africa is an incredibly unique restaurant. The restaurant is so small, it’s perched on a fossilized bed of coral located in the Indian ocean. Another surprise is that the interior is quite different than the interior. To reach the restaurant, it’s either a walk or boat ride because when the tide comes in, the restaurant is surrounded by water. The spot is so spectacular that it has been used by Vogue magazine for photo shoots.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of seafood as well as wine, beer and soft drinks. However, the Rock Restaurant is a little more pricey than one might expect. The least expensive items on the menu are the mango salad, octopus salad and fish carpaccio — each priced at $14.00 USD. The most expensive menu item is the Rock Special with grilled lobster, cigal, jumbo prawn, fish filet and calamari oil for $48.00 USD. But if you can make it to Zanzibar for a visit, a trip to the restaurant is a must.

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i would like to visit


Dear, future husband plzzz bring me here!

Que lugar lindo!!!!!!!!!!

Omg I’m going!

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2009 me would think that 2014 me was hot and thats all that matters

I think about this all the time.

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